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Boat-bot is a research and educational robot built as a small catamaran of less than 2 kg. Controlled by a Raspberry Pi, it has a GPS, a full 9D IMU, an Arduino, 2 motor controllers, a speaker, and more.

e-puck2, educational mobile robot   wiki   shop

Evolution of the e-puck miniature educational robot developed at EPFL. Maintained compatibility with e-puck, faster processor and more memory, additional sensors (Time of Flight distance sensor, magnetometer, front microphone), additional wireless support (WiFi and BLE), onboard debugger, USB charging (no external charger required), micro sd support. Extendable.

Autonomous Robot Painting   wiki   shop

Picture frame equipped with the Elisa-3 robot performing artistic animations by exploiting its onboard sensors.

Wheelphone   wiki   shop

Mobile phone robotic platform compatible with both Android and iPhone. 4 proximity, 4 ground sensors, auto recharge.

e-puck, educational mobile robot   wiki   shop

Miniature educational robot developed at EPFL. 7 cm. Open software, open hardware. 8 proximity, VGA camera, 3D accelerometer, 3 microphones, Bluethooth. Extendable.

Elisa-3   wiki   shop

Miniature swarm robot. Diameter 5 cm. Auto recharge, fast radio, 8 proximity, 4 ground, 3D accelerometer, top RGB LED with diffuser. Cheap.

Webots   shop

Physic based simulator. Well integrated with e-puck and gumstix extension. e-puck can be simulated, remote controlled or cross compiled.