We are working on a UWB module that can be used for localization, first tests are promising.
GCtronic in collaboration with the WSM team is improving and tuning the Ezymark. This smart mark is gaining more and more interest in the field.
Moreover we are developing also the control interface via web page.
Inspired by the Ezymark, GCtronic is developing a research Unmanned Surface Vehicle.
GCtronic is involved in the integration and innovation of the new electronics controlling the wonderful competition pistol of Morini.


e-puck2 and related extensions
ETCH clock
Greenhouses become smart thanks to GCtronic in this project that let the greenhouse windows be automatically closed and opened based on temperature and wind.
The greenhouses parameters can be adapted remotely.


GCtronic was involved together with things-lab from start to finish on the development of a social bangle. An Indigogo campaign was done for this project.
Wheelphone robot and its related many apps.
Elisa robot and its spin-off Autonomous Robot Painting.
GCtronic developed the robotic platform used in the "Multi-Robot System for Artistic Pattern Formation" project by the Disney Research Zurich. You can have a look at the nice video.
GCtronic developed a ring device used to estimate the heart rate based on the PPG signal. The ring was used also to try detecting cardiac arrests and some real tests were accomplished at the Cardiocentro Ticino Institute in Lugano.
GCtronic was involved in artistic installations devised by the popular artist Aparna Rao.
Extensions for e-puck
  • Enhanced top module with connectivity and mechanical fixation
  • powerful CPU board
Head Tracker Device
  • Compact device to detect the user head mouvement
  • Control the mouvement of a distant camera
CoaX_2: Autonomous Miniature Helicopter
  • Debugging and enhancement of the mechanics and the electronics
  • Development of embedded software for first flights
ANT: Evolution of Cooperation in Artificial Ants
LEURRE european project: Artificial Life Control in Mixed Societies
Alice 2002 Autonomous Mini Robot