ARP is a frame where you can put your favorite painting and where the small climbing robot Elisa-3 will move and live.

Tech painting, robotic frame, modern tech art, robot on a painting,... call it as you prefer...
We call it "Autonomous Robot Painting" as it is simply our small Elisa-3 robot moving nicely within a frame.
But a frame that you can hang on a wall as Elisa-3 is able to move "3dimensionally". The background might be a traditional painting, a picture or a blackboard where you mark your important notes.
This product is a set with the robot itself, the frame, the background, a remote control and the special charger. The firmware in the robot has several features and demonstrations. You can chose the one you prefer, you can let the robot show off all the capabilities or you could even program your own specific dance. Elisa-3 is able to find itself the small charger in the corner before running out of battery.
See below pictures, movies and you can follow the links for more information.