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GCtronic is selling the e-puck educational mobile robot directly or through distributors. The following table is for online shopping. The prices listed are without taxes (VAT) and without shipment costs. You can contact for a formal offer or for any related information.

Customers in USA are encouraged to buy at RoadNarrows Robotics.
Customers in UK can contact and buy at Rahal Technology Ltd.
For Taiwan please contact Pitotech.
Clients in China mainland can contact BJROBOT TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD,

Unmanned Surface Vehicle (USV) e-puck2 Wheelphone Elisa-3 e-puck extensions Simulator e-puck accessories

Unmanned Surface Vehicle (USV)
boat-bot with Raspberry Pi, 2 propellers, GPS, IMU, battery, charger.
1000 CHF
Spare parts for both boat-bot and EzyMark are available. Contact us
e-puck2 robot
e-puck2 robot with battery, compatible with e-puck, 32 bit microcontroller, USB charge and communication, WiFi and BT 850 CHF
+ + Set of 3 x e-puck2 robot with battery. 2400 CHF
e-puck robot
e-puck robot with battery
(No charger included).
Last units availables.
850 CHF
Wheelphone robot
Wheelphone robot compatible with Android and iPhone. More details on
195 CHF
Android, dual core, Front+back camera, preinstalled system and apps. Optional: robot works with any phone. 170 CHF
Wheelphone charger unit. Optional, for automatic docking. 40 CHF
Elisa-3 robot
Autonomous Robot Painting: 1 Elisa-3 robot, 1 picture frame (A4 format) with charger station, 1 TV remote, 1 power supply, 1 micro usb cable. For more information refer to section Autonomous robot painting. For different picture frame sizes please contact us.
With magnetic wheels
695 CHF
Tracking set: 1 IR camera and 1 color camera (both USB) with mechanical support + 6 x Elisa-3 robots + 2 x charger stations + radio base station + easy to assemble environment. For more information refer to section Elisa-3 tracking.
Without magnetic wheels
2990 CHF
++ Full package: 3 x Elisa-3 robots + charger unit for 3 robots + radio base station.
Without magnetic wheels
1160 CHF
Elisa-3 - small size robot (5 cm of diameter); Arduino compatible
Without magnetic wheels
325 CHF
Elisa-3 - small size robot (5 cm of diameter); Arduino compatible
With magnetic wheels
375 CHF
Charger station for 3 Elisa-3 robots 165 CHF
USB radio to control the Elisa-3 robot or fleet of robots; re-programmable 150 CHF

e-puck extensions
Pi-puck: Linux on e-puck with a Raspberry Pi Zero W. Compatible with e-puck version 1 and 2.
Robot not included.
RPi Zero W and micro SD with pre-configured system included.
315 CHF
Omnivision extension V3:
- 5Mpixel color camera looking 360° all around the robot
- compatible with Pi-puck and interfaced with the Raspberry Pi Zero W
- parabolic mirror for uniform pixel distribution.
- additional battery (1600 mAh).
- suitable for basic image processing such as blobs, colors and light detection.
Pi-puck extension required.
Robot not included.
300 CHF
Charging wall for Pi-puck.
Pi-puck extension required.
175 CHF
One additional battery for Pi-puck. 19 CHF
Please contact us.
Full package: e-puck extension for Gumstix Overo COM, Gumstix Overo EarthSTORM COM, pre-configured microSD, microSD to USB adapter, USB cable, wifi dongle Contact us
Cliff module: extends the capability of the groundsensor with 2 additional sensors in front of the wheels. E-puck can now detect the end of the table and react. 350 CHF
Automatic charger for the e-puck. The robot can be driven autonomously to park in the charger. The 2 spring contacts adapt only to the cliff module. 120 CHF
Package: omnivision extension V2 + full package e-puck extension for Gumstix Overo COM Contact us
Omnivision extension V2 with a greater resolution camera. Contact us
3x3 RGB display e-puck extension 650 CHF
Ground sensors module EPFL doc 300 CHF
e-puck range and bearing board 490 CHF

WebotsTM Premier Service Standard (one year support hotline) 500 CHF
WebotsTM Premier Service Deluxe (one year support hotline + 12 hours development) 2500 CHF

e-puck accessories
High-speed charger for 1 e-puck battery. It takes about 1h20-1h50 depending on battery discharge state. The standard charger takes up to 3 hours for a complete charge. 100 CHF
one e-puck extra battery 19 CHF Please contact us.
Reflective strip for e-puck mutual detection 15 CHF
ICD (both ICD2 and ICD3) programming cable (optional) to link the microchip ICD programmer with the e-puck programming connector. Used for in circuit debugging. See
Only compatible with e-puck1 (e-puck2 doesn't need it).
23 CHF
Motor: e-puck motor. Gear 1:50. 60 CHF
Serial cable to connect the e-puck with a computer over serial line. See
Only compatible with e-puck1 (e-puck2 doesn't need it).
23 CHF
e-puck Arduino set: mechanical support and connector cable soldered to an Arduino Uno board (included). Refer to the wiki for more informations. 90 CHF

The educational mobile robot e-puck developed by EPFL-ASL is now available from GCtronic. Technical details at and . For more information contact