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The following figure shows the main components of the Wheelphone robot and where they are physically placed:

Detailed features

Feature Technical information
Size, weight 92 mm width, 102 mm length, 68 mm height, 200 g
Battery, autonomy LiPo rechargeable battery (1600 mAh, 3.7 V). About 3.5 hours autonomy (motors running at middle speed continuously). Recharging time about 1h45
2 options to charge with a micro USB female connector in front of the robot, 500mA
with 2 golden contacts in front and the relative docking station, 1000mA
Processor Microchip PIC24FJ64GB004 @ 16MHz (8 MIPS); 16 bit microcontroller
... and the one of the phone
Memory RAM: 8 KB; Flash: 64 KB
... and the one of the phone
Motors 2 DC motors with gear; speed controlled (forward direction) with backEMF
Speed Max: 30 cm/s
Mechanical structure Molded plastic case, adaptable phone holder
IR sensors 4 infra-red sensors measuring ambient light and proximity of objects up to 6 cm (placed on the front-side of the robot)
4 ground sensors detecting cliffs or color differences (placed on the bottom-front-side of the robot)
LEDs 1 red/green LED (charging/charged indicator)
Communication Android: USB high speed; iPhone: sound cable. Both reaches 20 Hz sensor refresh
Additional connectors 1 USB connector (type A) as alternative to the micro USB cable
Programming Android SDK, iOS SDK