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  • get history (to be used with ant usb stick); just start the executable named antusb-gethistory.exe and follows the instructions; the transfer lasts about 90 seconds and produces a csv file history.csv; the zip file contains also the driver needed to install the ant usb stick in Windows (look for ANT_USB_Stick_2.inf).
    • history format; beware that the current firmware version of the ring save also the data related to the accelerometer, this means that when two hearth rate values are saved in memory, also two values for the movement representation and two values for the energy representation are saved; thus in total 6 values in this sequence: HR HR MOVEMENT MOVEMENT ENERGY ENERGY
    • the file history.xls can be used to parse the history
  • get realtime data (to be used with ant usb stick); just start the exceutable antusb-realtime.exe and follows the instructions. The file saves the data every about 60 millisecond into the file data.csv.

The peak to peak indicates whether the signal is good enough for the algorithm, the following image shows an example of a good signal (green):
The following image instead shows a bad signal (red):