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This wiki is intended to be a useful resource for all users that are playing with the all the robots designed by GCtronic.
Pages regarding the e-puck extensions designed by GCtronic will be also added here as soon as they will be available.

This is e-puck2, an evolution of the e-puck educational robot.
This is the Pi-puck extension, compatible with both e-puck and e-puck2.
This is the omnivision module V3.
This is Wheelphone, a robotic platform for your mobile phone.
This is e-puck, an educational desktop mobile robot.
Mounted on top of this e-puck computer are the e-puck extension for Gumstix Overo COM and a small Gumstix Overo computer-on-module.

This combination gives the e-puck robot much more computational power.

Robotic + art = Autonomous Robot Painting.
This is Elisa-3, an evolution of the Elisa robot with 5 cm of diameter. It now includes a series of new sensors: 8 IR proximity and 4 ground sensors. The Atmel microcontroller is Arduino compatible.


This is the omnivision module V2, an upgraded version of the omnivisione module, with a greater resolution camera and a dedicated microcontroller.
This is the RGB panel, an extension of the robot.
This section gives an overview of others extension modules designed for the e-puck robot.
This is Elisa, a small size robot with 5 cm of diameter.

The Elisa robot is no more produced. It's subsituted by Elisa-3, its more powerful successor!

This is the omnivision module, an extension coupled with the e-puck extension for Gumstix Overo.

The omnivision module is no more produced. It's subsituted by the omnivision module V2


If you want to contribute to the wiki you are welcome, contact us.